Fees pursuant to House Bill 10-1057 

Summons Complaint (Civil)$35.00
Summons Complaint (Criminal)$15.00
Dissolution of Marriage, Petitions/Summons$35.00
Writ of Garnishment, Notice of Exemption/Pending Levy$20.00
Citation; Interrogatories; Notice; Order$35.00
Civil Protection Order (DV no charge)$35.00
Demand for Payment/Possession$35.00
Notice and Summons to Appear (Small Claims)$35.00
Notice of Financial Responsibility & Subpoena$35.00
Notice to show cause$35.00
Motion for revival of judgement$35.00
Subpoena - Civil$60.00
Subpoena - Criminal$7.50
Evictions; Notice to Vacate; Notice to Quit$35.00
Summons/Complaint/Unlawful Detainer$35.00
Demand for compliance or possession$35.00
Notice of Foreclosure Deferment/Hearing Notice$35.00
Order for Possession$35.00
Writ of Restitution; Writ of Execution; Writ of Assistance$60.00
Sheriff's Sale$100.00

Mileage Rates

Non-Service (Civil): $20.00 + Mileage

Non-Service (Criminal): $5.00 + Mileage

Notary Fee: $5.00

E-documents: $.25 per page


Mileage Rates:

Any service outside city limits of Del Norte, CO $22.00

If service requires TWO or more papers on the same person or on a different person at the same time and place in the same action the fee will be as follows:

The highest allowable fee for the first process.

  1. An additional $10.00 for each subsequent process served.

Non-Service Fees

RGSO New Permit Fee: $100

RGSO Renewal Permit Fee: $50 

New CHP Application*- $52.50

CCIC Fingerprint check


FBI Fingerprint check






* New Applications require the CHP background check.  

Total new permit application costs $152.50