International Travel Clinic

International Travel Clinic

Rio Grande County Public Health is thrilled to introduce our latest initiative – the International Travel Clinic! As part of our ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of our county and the SLV region, this program is designed to ensure that persons embark on their international journeys fully prepared. It is designed to provide you with comprehensive health services and information before, during, and after your international travels.

The International Travel Clinic offers:

  • 1. Immunizations and Vaccinations: Receive expert advice on essential vaccinations tailored to your travel destination. Pre-travel consultations with travel health experts. Vaccinations and prescriptions for travel-related illnesses.
  • 2. Health Tips: Get personalized health tips to stay well during your trip and return with fond memories. Travel health education and resources.
  • 3. Travel Safety Information: Access valuable resources to enhance your safety awareness while abroad. 
  • 4. Post-travel follow-up and care

Whether you are traveling for work, leisure, or humanitarian purposes, the RGC International Travel Clinic can help you prepare for a safe and healthy trip. Visit our Public Health Office's clinic at the Courthouse or call 719-657-3352 to schedule your consultation and make your upcoming travels memorable and worry-free.

Consultation Fee: $50 per person for consultation. Everyone pays for vaccine costs and other needed materials not covered by insurance. We look forward to serving you and supporting your global adventures! The International Travel Clinic Team

What is a travel clinic?

Travel clinics are agencies where specially trained infectious disease experts consult with patients before traveling for fun, work, study-abroad programs, or volunteer trips.

Who needs to visit a travel clinic?

Any international traveler is a good candidate for pre-travel counseling